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Matt, it’s hard to put into words just how grateful I am for the expertise, professionalism and guidance you provided to me throughout my recent property purchase.

Having not bought a property before, and because I was buying solo, the experience was at times stressful and overwhelming. Knowing that I had you to guide me through the process made it infinitely easier.

Being able to have a private inspection a couple of days before the first open home was obviously a huge advantage, evidenced by the fact that you were then able to expertly navigate me through the offer and negotiation phase, securing the property before the planned open home and getting it off the market within 24 hours. It is obvious to me that I simply could not have achieved what I did without you.


"You undoubtedly saved me many thousands of dollars on the purchase price by securing the property prior to the open home, and by knowing how to negotiate with the agent on my behalf."

As we progressed towards settlement your experience as a former mortgage broker meant you were able to clearly explain the whole process to me, putting my mind at ease when my finance was taking longer than expected to come through.

Matt, I really can’t thank you enough for the time, effort and care you put into my purchase at every step of the way. I look forward to referring my friends and family to you in due course, and to my next property purchase!


Thank you, thank you, thank you!



 We were introduced to Matt Spooner by a friend of ours who had received excellent service from him in the past. Upon meeting Matt we were impressed by his professional demeanor yet he was very relatable and down to earth and made us feel comfortable in a situation where we both felt quite out of our depth. Over the course of our business relationship with Matt, he was always very patient with us, very conscientious and helpful and always happy to pick up the phone or respond to one of the many questions we had about buying property, and also the housing market in general.


Matt is very well connected in the industry and knows the Eastern Suburbs area really well - he was able to understand what we were after and lend considerable expertise in navigating the ‘Bondi Bubble’ of real estate. He knows agents by name, and was also kind enough to introduce us to a good solicitor who we ended up working with.


"Matt was instrumental in helping us get our property across the line, his knowledge of the negotiation process and the best strategy for us to pursue was incredibly helpful."


We’re very grateful to Matt for the work did for us, we always felt he had our best interests at heart, and won’t hesitate to work with him again should we decide to relocate. 


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 Matt looked after our property purchase, and helped take the pressure off what was already a very stressful time for us. Matt was always available to answer any questions, and explain everything as we moved through the process.

"We felt really comfortable with Matt. We weren't rushed into making a decision and we felt each property Matt was able to recommend was one that really fitted the bill for what we were looking for. Incredible service."


Matt was able to negotiate a fantastic deal for us and we couldn't be happier in our new home. 



 Engaging Matt to buy a property for us was one of the best decisions we ever made. He was patient, and really went the extra mile for us to ensure we felt comfortable. We were really out of our depth, tired, and totally over the process. 

"Matt really had our best interests at heart through the whole process. He was able to negotiate an excellent price for us, in the middle of a tough period for Sydney Real Estate. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough."


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Matt has been just an absolute legend and found us our dream house in just a few weeks. We were looking non stop and kept missing on properties and started to think our budget wouldn’t allow us to buy what we were looking for. But after an initial chat with Matt he told us he was 100% confident he will find something in our price range.
Every property we visited were fantastic and reassured us he would be able to find us the perfect house. And he did! We would have never dreamt of buying such a great house, and we would have never been able to find it without Matt’s network.
Matt is such a nice, professional and genuine person. We highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy a property. It will save you time, money, hurdles and bring some unique opportunities!
We feel so lucky we found Matt & Buyers Market Sydney.

Julie & Dan - Family Home, Maroubra