• Matt Spooner

Good News Stories for 2021!

Townhouse Buyer: Rosebery Avenue, Rosebery NSW 2018

Time to bought: 3 weeks

Purchase Price: Circa $1,400,000.

Property status: Off Market

Our clients came to us from WA, following a work re-location and were completely unfamiliar with Sydney, and had been searching for 4 months by themselves, without success. Within 3 weeks of engaging Buyers Market, our clients exchanged on an off-market property in Rosebery, NSW; which fitted their exact brief. The property was sourced through real estate connections and was bought directly through a developer, off market, and $140,000 below the asking price of a similar property for sale in the development. Legal work, Finance, and due diligence was coordinated by Buyers Market.

Apartment Buyer: Nelson Street, Woollahra NSW 2025

Time to bought: 4 weeks Purchase Price: Circa $1,200,000

Property Status: Off Market, Exclusive Access

Our client gave us a very specific brief, for a top floor, art deco, north facing property in Woollahra. The property needed to be in a pet friendly building, and have air-conditioning, and modern improvements. We were able to source an off-market property though Real Estate connections at The Agency NSW, following which we were granted exclusive access to a property in Nelson Street, Woollahra. We viewed the property and had offer and acceptance secured for our client within 12 hours. Legal work, finance and due diligence were coordinated by Buyers Market, and we worked closely with the client’s solicitor to establish a by-law to protect the client from some unapproved renovations in the building, to mitigate her risk in buying the property.

“Matt was incredibly patient and inspected numerous properties on my behalf before securing an off – market property for me that I never would have found without him. The due diligence Matt conducted on my behalf and the support provided during the negotiation and exchange phase was amazing. I would have been completely out of my depth without him assisting me through that process.”

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