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Buyers Market Sydney was born after many years of running a top tier Mortgage Brokerage in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Since 2014, we have met with and assisted hundreds of buyers into their dream home. 


As your Buyers Agent, a background in finance provides a unique understanding of the Buyer Brief and ensures our finger is on the pulse and our clients are properly advised in all facets of the transaction. 


For our customers, it removes a huge element of stress from their real estate experience, as they can rest assured that they have all bases covered when it comes to being ready to buy a property. We find that this also puts our customers in a stronger position to negotiate, as we know exactly what impact each dollar they pay for a property will have on their financial position moving forward. 


We are, by nature, tuned to instinctively negotiate the best deal for our clients. We apply this instinct to everything we do at Buyers’ Market Sydney. 

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Engaging Matt to buy a property for us was one of the best decisions we ever made. He was patient, and really went the extra mile for us to ensure we felt comfortable. We were really out of our depth, tired, and totally over the process. 


I felt Matt really had our best interests at heart through the whole process. He was able to negotiate an excellent price for us, in the middle of a tough period for Sydney Real Estate. I cannot recommend Buyer's Market highly enough. 



Download our service guide for a complete run down.


Download our Service Guide to get the full understanding of how we can help you buy the property you've always wanted.